Foster/Adoptive Process


If you are interested in information regarding Foster Care and/ or Adoption please call (937) 544-2511 or complete the "Inquiry Form" located in "Foster Care/Adoption Inquiry" above.

The Homestudy Process

After an inquiry is made and an application is submitted to our office, a Homestudy Assessor will be assigned to help guide you through the process. The homestudy is an exploration of the applicant’s history, characteristics and strengths that will lead to successful foster/adoptive placement. In addition, many documents must be completed and available for review by your assessor. These documents include but are not limited to:

The homestudy process can take up to six months to complete, however, many families complete the process more quickly.

Prospective foster/ adoptive parents must complete 36 hours of "Pre-Service" training in order to complete the requirements to become a licensed foster parent/approved adoptive parent. This training is designed to enhance your understanding of foster/adoptive parenting issues and to increase knowledge about the needs of children whose lives have been impacted by abuse and neglect. The upcoming class schedules are located under the "Foster/ adoption Training" tab. Foster/ adoptive parents must also become certified in Adult/ Child/Infant CPR & First Aid within the first two years of certification; however, we welcome anyone who is already certified in these areas with proof of certification.

Matching Children and Families

Adams County Children Services will evaluate the characteristics of children you are approved for in your homestudy when considering placement matches for your family. The length of time it takes to be matched with a child largely depends on the characteristics of children that you are willing/ able to parent. A family who demonstrates the ability to parent a child with many needs may not wait long for a child to be placed with them.

When a child has been identified for your family, you will be contacted and available information will be shared with you regarding the child.

The placement coordinator will give you time to consider the information and will assist you in making your decision about placement. Once a family agrees to a placement, pre-placement visits (if possible) are arranged to assist an easier transition into the home.

Foster Care Placement

Foster parents are considered part of a professional team, along with the staff of Adams County children Services. Our goal is to work together for the benefit of the children we serve.

Children are removed from their homes when they are abused, neglected or dependent and their parents are unable to care for them safely. If a relative is not available or identified, children are placed on a temporary basis with foster families in the least restrictive placement possible; preferably in their own community. A family's ability to provide stability, nurturance and love that children need is paramount for successful foster parenting. You must also be able to prepare your family for the grief and loss that may come along with children leaving your home when they reunify with their birth family. Foster parents are asked, when safe and appropriate, to work with biological families and assist with reunification. When reunification is not possible or in the best interest of the children, the agency secures an adoptive home and oftentimes the foster family becomes the adoptive family.

Once a child is placed with your family, the child's caseworker will make at least monthly visits to your home. The caseworker also assists in coordinating services such as counseling, physical/speech/occupational therapy, etc. In addition, respite care is available and the Foster/Adoption Specialist can help arrange this support if needed.

Adoptive Placement

Prior to a child being placed with an approved adoptive family, detailed information about the child's background will be supplied in writing. Such background information will include all known non-identifying information regarding the child's:

The Foster/Adoption Specialist will allow you time to consider the information and will assist you in making your decision about placement. Pre-placement visits (if possible) are arranged to assist an easier transition into the home.

Post-adoption services are also available. At the time of an adoptive placement, these services will be discussed in detail with you.